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Molecular & PCR

The Compact Digimage System is a complete and compact gel documentation system with a digital control panel. The system uses a digital camera for image capute. The system is equipped with a built-in UV Transilluminator and a large 8″ TFT colorful screen for gel observation. Its side access design provides a safe and convenient way for the user to recover agarose gel bands. For a low budget and limited space, the Compact Digimage System can be operated without a computer. A variety of images can captured including:agarose and other fluorescent gels, colorimetric gels,autoradiography film, and blotting membrane. A safety switch is equipped to turn off the UV Transilluminator automatically when the front door is opened. Files can be saved in a variety of formats, including RAW format, for transfer to a computer for storage and analysis. The Digimage System can also directly connect to any BNC thermal printer for printing the result immediately.