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Diestro Automatic Analyzer with Autoloader

Measures up to 5 simultaneous electrolytes in any combinarion

Due to its automatic retractable and self-wiping fill part, can aspirate whole blood, serum, urine, or other biological substance from syringe, tube or capillary, from 40ul for 2 electrolytes.

In only 60 seconds, obtains results including washing, calbration and printing the results, with its built-in high resolution printer. Diestro 103AP Version 3, stores the last 1000 measurements, with all the associated data, which are availiable at any time by its touch screen, printer or Serial Output (LIS).
Quality Control incorporated 3 levels.

Autosampler (Optional)
It can use up to 40 primary tubes (adults or pediatrics) and/or cup per run. Possibility of making Quality Controls of 3 levels into the running. The sample is detected by level. Automatic data entry of patients, using an optional internal bar code reader.

You do not need to handle individual bottles or waste
The Diestro 103AP.Pack contains the reagents and includes the waste container safely. It can be easly replaced in a single operation. The percentage of available reagents is clearly visible in the screen and allows the operator to predict its replacement.