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Diestro Automatic Analyzer

Diestro Configurable Concept
One Analyzer, five analytes to choose according to your needs. Configurable in any combination. Upgradable at any moment, just acquiring the upgrade, keeping the same equipment.

Easy to use and maintain
User friendly interface. Automatic retractable self wiping fill port. Integrated Pack of reagents and waste.

Automatic calibrations, washings and self-diagnosis. Smart sample positioning QC Software.

High Performance
Low operating and maintenance cost.

Own Technology
Production of Analyzer, Software, Electrodes and consumables

Diestro 103AP JS Medicina Electronica ISO, GMP CE is the top model of our electrolyte analyzer family. was founded in 1991.
We have facilities for research, development and production for Medical Devices and IVD products, placed strategically in the Mercosur. We are located close to the port of Buenos Aires and Ezeiza International Airport.
Our products are manufactured under and marked.
We have our own technology to develop and produce Analyzers, Software, Electrodes and consumables.
Our staff includes first line professionals in all areas.

Measures up to 5 simultaneous electrolytes in any combinarion
Due to its automatic retractable and self wiping fill port, the Analyzer Diestro 103 AP can aspirate whole blood, serum, urine, or other biological substance from syringe, tube or capyllary. It has smart positioning of the sample and requires only 40uL for 2 electrolytes.

The visible measuring chamber allows the operator to observe as the analyzer processes the sample. In only 60 seconds Diestro 103 AP measures, calibrates and prints the results, with its built-in high resolution printer.

Diestro 103 AP stores the last 100 measurements, with all its associated data, and they can be consulted any time in its LCD high contrast display and/or print them.

you do not need to handle individual bottles os waste. The Diestro 103 AP Pack contains the reagents and includes the waste container safely. It can be easily replaced in a single operation. The percentage of available reagents is clearly visible in the screen and allows the operator to predict its supply. Scheduled calibrations or on request.