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Diestro Reagents Consumption charts

This information is to use for a distributor to advise your customer which equipment is the adequate for him regarding reagent running costs.

This graph helps to understand if the customer needs a semi or automatic calibration equipment. The chart use a relative normalized price to compare which equipment is cheaper according to the number of daily samples .

The “Y” axis is not $, is a relative normalized unit of price only for comparison.
The cross point is approximately 10 samples per day.

There are too many ways of use of each equipment, but here you have a typical condition to compare in the election.

In conclusion a customer with less than 10 samples per day is a candidate for Semi, typically who runs 5 samples per day based on a 5 days week work.

Customers with more than 10 samples per day normally choose an automatic calibration Analyzer. All the data contained here, even the performance of the reagents, number of samples per Kit (Semi reagent) or Pack (auto reagent) is a guideline, each customer has a particular way of use and will corroborate the real performance obtained.

Green bars = Auto calibration Analyzers
Red bars = Semi automatic calibration Analyzers