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Processor STP 120

Erogonomic control panel
The buttons of the control panel are arranged ergonomically for easy handling. The LCD display shows all the parameters throughout the process, such as programm number, vessel, remaining time, start time, start delay, total duration of the programm, rotational agitation and shaking, basket’s centrifuging, temperature of paraffin baths, date and time.

Easy handling
The instrument has capacity to store up to 10 different programs that can be freely set up by the user. Each one of the programs can be started in immediate or delayed mode, without time limit. The instrument can easily be rotated via the four rollers mounted on the base. This allows the user to have fast and safe access to each one of the vessels.

Maximum safety standards for the user and the specimen
The individual cover for each one of the vessels reduce the emission of vapors to a minimum. The STP 120-2 and STP 120-3 versions incorporate a fume extraction system that – through a fan and an active charcoal filter – cleanse the vapors before being discharged into the air.

In case of a power shutdown, the specimens are automatically lowered inside the vessel by means of a battery to protect them against dessication and solid paraffins. Once power is restored,, the instrument resumes the program at the same point in which it was interrupted. If it is a long power failure and the paraffin baths become solidified, the safety program will be activated. The instrument will then wait for the baths to be fully liquified before going ahead with the change to the paraffin baths. Emergency motions can be implemented through the battery, such as moving the basket up and down or station change (as long as the basket is not inside a solidified paraffin bath). Instrument is also equipped with an emergency stop button. It is possible to interrupt a program for re-loading or advanced unloading of samples.

Alarms during the process
If the specimens remain inside a station for a longer time than the programmed time, e.g. due to a power failure, the display will show a message indicating the station number and the overtime spent in that station compared with the initially programmed time. The acoustic and visual alarms  can easily be identified by the user. The keyboard can be locked by the user to avoid an inadvertent change of the process parameters during operation.